You drive a small robot car that has to climb gigantic towers in a procedurally generated city to the beat of the music.

Global Game Jam 2020, Angoulême

Credits: Guillaume Levieux, Thomas Constant

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As a thief, you scout a procedurally generated building while escaping an AI keeper.

Global Game Jam 2019, Angoulême

Credits: Simon Chauvin, Thomas Constant, Guillaume Levieux

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The player explores the multiple layers of a psychedelic tapestry, sinking endlessly through its stitches.

Digital Art Jam 2018, Paris

Credits: Pierre Marie Blind, Thomas Constant, William Rao Fernandes, Guillaume Levieux, Mathieu Montes

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The player controls with noises and sounds a cloud of gigantic balloons, dancing in the air like clouds of birds.

Global Game Jam 2018, Angoulême

Credits: Simon Chauvin, Thomas Constant, Guillaume Levieux, Stéphanie Mader

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3 research games created to place the players in an overconfidence state, using the influence of difficulty variation (DDA and random difficulty levels).

CNAM-Cédric 2016, Paris

Credits: Thomas Constant, Guillaume Levieux

Link to the repository

Detective OS

An investigation game with asymmetrical gameplay which aim is to place the players in a more reflexive posture on their decision processes, biased by the influence of the quality of information.

CNAM-Cédric 2015, Paris

Credits: Thomas Constant, Laurent Wiking

Spam Slam

A serious game to raise awareness of risky electronic mails, for all audiences.

JamToday 2014, Paris

Credits: Thomas ConstantGabriela DanilaSébastien Hock-KoonFélix Sintes

Link to the repository

Cage Mécanique

Audio service for musical experimentation based on the mixing of excerpts from radio stations.

Futur En Seine 2013, Paris

Credits: Thomas Constant, Stéphane Gros, Stéphanie Mader

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